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navy height and weight chart navy cyberspace height and weight standards for the united states navy all officer and enlisted non prior service and prior service applicants for the reserve and active duty ponents of the united states navy must meet the weight according to their corresponding height to be eligible for missioning enlistment or affiliation see chart below navy weight charts for new recruits males what are the maximum and minimum weight standards for the united states navy see charts that show how applicants are screened and measured male height and weight standards navy prt maximum allowable weight chart height inches maximum allowable weight 57 127 58 131 navy weight requirements at a glance below are the navy s height and weight allowances for recruits guide 4 the body position assessment bca u s navy 3 weight measurement the weight measurement will be taken with the member in navy ptu or in the uniform of the day on calibrated scales balance beam or digital shoes removed and socks worn measurement will be recorded to the nearest pound if the weight fraction is less than ½ pound round down to the nearest pound indian navy height weight age chart 2018 physical check the navy height weight chart minimum and maximum limit from the below table height the physical standard in terms of height the minimum is of 157 weight minimum weigh of the candidates must be 48 kg to 50 kg chest candidates must have a the chest measurement of minimum of 77 cm with 5 cm expansion weight chart navy medhelp i would say that it is a 50 50 chance whether you would lose weight in the long run as the product wasn t designed as a weight loss product but i m not a weight requirements for joining height and weight charts each service has its own height and weight requirements for recruits follow the links below to find out each service s height u s army weight charts for men and women see the u s army weight charts and body fat percent standards sol rs are weighed at least twice per year to ensure they re meeting these numbers navy height weight standards and physical nrotcvy opnavinst 6110 1j 11 jul 2011 enclosure 3 table 1 physical fitness assessment pfa tables maximum weight for height screening table men maximum weight


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